Posted by: msc064 | November 3, 2008

Keep Your Brain Healthy

I was reading blogs today when I came across this interesting one called Dumb Little Man. I think the title is misleading, because his stuff is pretty neat.

Anyway, I started reading this post talking about ways to supercharge your brain and how to keep it sharp with simple strategies and food. The information there is quite interesting, but I think some of the suggestions may simply not be possible for college students. At least tip number three: “Sleep well.” Come on now. Has he ever heard of finals week?

Anyway, he then lists a series of interesting ideas and lists a couple that I really am interested in. One of them is really in tune with one of my passions: Languages.

I love languages and I would like to learn several. In fact, I intend to learn as many as I can. But, studying another language in earnest… maybe after College, though.

Like I said, he mentions that a good way to keepo the brain working in top condition is by learning a new language. I like it that there is this link that when you click on it you go to another post he wrote about this free website where you can learn another language for free. It is called Mango Languages. I can’t wait to try it out.

The best thing about the site is that it is free and the second best thing is that you can learn it at your own pace (at least according to the author). Nice and relaxed, just the way I like it. That’s how I taught mysef English and that’s the way I intend to teach myself at least one more language. Maybe two. Maybe even three. Well, why not go for broke and learn at least four more languages? Yeah, right. Wait a minute, did I not write in another post that I like a challenge? I think that would be worth it.

Well, anyway, check out the blog and the site and if you like them, let them know. I think they will appreciate it.


  1. mango seems like a great site…I went to review it after your post. I’m a student on edufire currently but always looking for other sites. Thanks again

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